JESSE -vo./gt-

活動17年目に入ったRIZEのフロントマン。ロックの”現在(いま)”を圧倒的な熱量で表現する彼らの姿勢は多くのリスナーから支持を得た。全米、アジアツアーを成功させるなどワールドワイドに活動している。”Stand Up! Project”を始動し、そのアイデンティティを活かした活動を展開中。ブランド”S&Co.”のプロデュースも務めるマルチクリエーター。

Born in 1980/08/11, Singer song writers / Rapper / Rock Guitarist, American nationality.
The front-man from Japanese established alternative 3 pieces rock band “RIZE”.
He has also proven careers as Music Producer / Composer, plus as “Fashion Icon” among youngsters, especially in Japanese street culture.
He is not only an iconic fashion character gracing the cover of various fashion magazines, with collaborating bunch of partners, such; SONY, Vans, GIRBAUD, ZIPPO, Coca Cola, Hurley, Puma, SOL Republic, and others, but as fashion producer running his own brand “SLIP&Co” .